Please find the following services -

Bills of Quantities

With a take off for all labour, plant and materials you will have a prepared detailed Bill of Quantities for further use on any of your projects.

Cost Plans and Viability Reports

Create a cost plan or a viability report to ascertain the feasibility of a site of scheme using accurate key element data for single properties or large developments.

Programme of Works

With a detailed programme showing all activities, critical path and key dates required including any stage completion dates, your site can run more efficiently.

Quantity Surveyor Support

From lump sum through to general contracting, let us support you in either JCT, NEC, IChemE contracts.

Assisting with procurement and all tendering, tender analysis,
negotiating the contract, interim valuations and preparation of final accounts, we will achieve best value for you.

Budget and Cashflow Forecasting

Financial control for key drawdowns, necessary
for the project.

Cost to Complete (CTC)

Incorporate a detailed analysis of your project budget figures, all specialist orders and actual costs, any payments with provisions for the complete build including any sub-contract payments and your labour and material costs.

Cost to Value Report (CVR)

Complete your commercial accounts and demonstrate the real value against building costs, demonstrating a bottom line margin.

Commercial Management

​Our input can be tailored to suit your particular needs – we have the experience to support you at key times during the construction process or for the complete project.  


Contact us for any legal advice and support regarding disputes.

​Feasibility Study

It is possible to provide feasibility studies, cost plans and a budget estimate typically on the basis of approximate quantities, size of the project and any available specification

We offer the complete surveying and commercial service, with a full range of bespoke systems to run your building finances. Whether you want to measure quickly, more accurately, incorporate measures into a schedule or report financial costs and profits to reconcile your build costs, we can help.  

Design and Structural Services

If required Oxford Surveying Services can bring together additional professional services such as architects, structural engineers and also introduce established sub-contractors and specialist supply companies according to your needs.